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In recent years, the popularity of laser eye surgery has grown dramatically, not just in the UK but around the world. As prices come down, and techniques improve, more and more people are choosing to have eyesight correction treatment. From Lasek to Wavefront, and PTK to Intralase, there is now a laser procedure to address almost all minor eyesight issues.

However, it's important to understand that laser eye surgery is not an exact science. There are risks involved, some of which can prove serious. It's therefore essential to choose a clinic and surgeon wisely, whether you are looking to have treatment in the UK or abroad.

As you are unlikely to be offered laser eye correction on the NHS, you will be required to pay for the procedure at a private clinic. Prices in the UK aren't cheap with costs likely to be into four figures. But for many people, the prospect of perfect, or near perfect, eyesight is worth every penny.

LTK procedure
How much does LTK eye treatment cost. Find out laser thermokeratoplasty eyesight correction.

PRK laser treatment
What does the PRK procedure involve? Read about the cost and risks of Photorefractive Keratotomy.

Side effects
What are the side effects of vision correction? Learn about the potential complications of eyesight correction.

Choosing an eye surgeon
How do I choose a good eye surgeon? A guide to finding eye specialist in the UK.

Laser treatment of the NHS
Can I have vision correction on the NHS? Find out what you options are for eye surgery on the NHS.

How much does laser eye treatment cost? Read about the typical prices of treatment in the UK and abroad.

Lasik eye surgeon
What questions should I ask my lasik surgeon? The question to ask, and the points to raise when choosing an eye specialist.

Eyesight procedures
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Wavefront treatment
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Where are the best clinics in the UK? Recommended laser eye clinics in your local area.

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Why might I be refused vision treatment? The factors that may exclude you from having laser eye surgery.

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Before laser treatment
What should i do before i have vision surgery? Learn about the steps to take in the days leading up to your operation.

What are the main risks of laser vision surgery? The common side effects and potential complications from eyesight correction treatment.

After treatment
What happens immediately after a laser eye procedure? What to expect in the days and weeks following eyesight correction.

Laser eye reviews
Where can I find reviews of eye clinic and surgeons? Where to read unbiased ratings on vision specialists in the UK.

Vision operations abroad
Should I consider having an eye operation abroad? The costs, risks, and possible advantages of medical tourism.

Finding a specialist
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