How to get the better of Insomnia

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How to overcome sleeping problems
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6. Empty your mind

Often sleeping problems are caused by too much brain activity. We all live more stresstful and eventful lives than thirty or forty years ago and as a result we can find it difficult to switch off. You have to try to stop thinking when you're lying in bed. Of course this is easier said then done.

7. Pick a pillow

Everyone has their favorite pillow or at least their favorite type whether it be hard or soft, feather or foam. Make sure you always use the one you like and don't be afraid to take it with you if you're sleeping in a hotel or at someone else's house.

8. Scent of sleep

Many people find scents such as Olbas Oil help them get to sleep. A few drops on your wrist or pillow can work wonders.

9. Stay away from smoke

Some people may find that smokig relaxes them but for most people the nicotine in cigarrettes can act as irritant when absorbed by the body. If your brain and body are irriated you will have verly little chance of falling asleep quickly.

10. Earplugs and eye masks

If you find that the slightest noise or light prevents you from getting your beauty sleep you should try an eye mask or earplugs. Some women find these too uncomfortable to wear but others swear by them.

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