A guide to the sleep disorder Insomnia

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Top Ten Ways to Help Beat Insomnia
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by Vicky Lumsden

Not being able to get to sleep is pretty much as frustrating as life gets. Lying in bed, feeling tired but unable to fall asleep - this would be bad enough for one night but some people suffer this every day of the week. The problem lies in the fact there are so many possible causes of this inabilty of fall asleep or imnsomia as it's often referred to. In some instances there is a deep rooted reason such as sever stress or pycholgical imbalance and medical help is needed. Howver, in other cases there are simple steps you can take to effectively solve the problem. Ten of the most successful are as follows:

1. Oxygen and lots of it

A stuffy room isn't a condusive atmsophere to getting a good night sleep. If you can't open your bedroom door or window buy a couple of indoor plants. As well as absorbing potentiallyu harmul toxins which float around your home, they pump out fresh oxygen throughot the day. Some species such as Mother In Law's Tongue will also emit oxygen through the night.

2. Relax your way into bed

If you are having difficulty getting to sleep you should be avoiding all forms of excitemenet and stimulation in the hours preceedoing bed time. Watching a tense movie or reading a gripping novel will leave your brain in a state of arrousal and leave you wide awake.

3. A bed for life

We spend three quatres of our life asleep in bed so why do buy such poor mattresses. A four hundred pound mattress may seem like an uneccsarry expense but not only will it help prevent back problems it will aid a good night's sleep.

4. Caffine the killer

Caffine keeps you awake. If you suffer from insomnia but have a cup of coffee anytime after dinner you really aren't entitled to any sympathy.

5. Sugar the eye opener

Sugar is a stimilant and therefore it's the last thing you should be eating at night if you're having problems sleeping. Of course it can be hard to avoid any sugar in the hours before you go to bed because it's present in so many foods. However, if you have a fizzy drink or a bar of chocolate at ten o'clock you only have yourself to blame.

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