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How do I find a good local private hospital in the UK?

There are a surprising number or private hospitals in the UK from Aberdeen in the north of Scotland to Plymouth in the south of England. Private medical treatment in the UK is amongst the best in the world, with first class staff and hospitals.

Every major town and city in the UK will have at least one private hospital or clinic. A great number of these are owned by the three major providers of independent care in the UK; Spire, Nuffield and BMI Healthcare.

Spire Healthcare is the new name for the hospitals previously owned by Bupa. The group added Thames Valley Hospital and the ten former Classic hospitals in 2008, to increase their network to 36 clinics. To find out more information, visit their website

Nuffield Hospitals provide world class medical care through a network of over 200 facilities across the nation. With over 50 years experience in medical care, there is no place better for private treatment. Check their website to find a hospital near you.

BMI Healthcare is the private hospital division of General Healthcare Group, and is the UK's largest independent provider of private healthcare. The vast majority of their clinics are located in England, with no less than ten hospitals in London. You can find further details on the BMI website at

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