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There are risks involved in all forms of surgery, and hernia operations are certainly no exception. Although relatively simple, hernia repair can have side effects, and there are risks of serious complications.

The level of risk of a hernia operation will depend upon a number of factors such as the patient's age, the severity of the hernia, and the type of procedure to be used. The risks can be significantly higher if the patient has an underlying health condition such as heart disease.

A common side effects of hernia surgery is swelling and bruising around the operation site. In most cases, this eases after a few days without medical treatment. Generally, the larger the hernia, the greater the probability of post-surgery swelling.

Although most hernia patients don't feel anything more than mild to moderate discomfort, some patients will experience considerable pain after surgery. This is usually due to a low pain threshold rather than what happened on the operating table.

The risks of more serious complications from a hernia operation are low. Nevertheless, you should be aware of what could happen as a result of hernia surgery. Issues such as infection, heavy bleeding, significant scarring, and blood clots have been known to occur. If you are concerned, talk to your GP or surgeon about the level of risk associated with your proposed operation.

Although there are risks of having a hernia operation, there can be just as many risks from choosing not to have surgery. Hernias tend to grow in size if left untreated, and the bigger they get, the more problematic they invariably become. Nobody really wants to be operated on but sometimes surgery is the best option.

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