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Most us know very little about health and disease. We would rather read the latest copy of Hello! than educate ourselves on something that could potentially save our lives.

Part of the problem is there's such a daunting amount to learn. So why not start with a selection of the most commonly asked health questions...

Common Questions

01. Does aspirin protect you from strokes and heart attacks?
02. Is taking Prozac dangerous?
03. What is obsessive compulsive disorder?
04. How can I tell if I have skin cancer?
05. What causes bleeding between periods?
06. What's the difference between anorexia and bulimia?
07. What are the most common causes of breast pain?
08. Are cigars better for you than cigarettes?
09. What is chlamydia and is it serious?
10. How can I overcome a feeling of constant tiredness?

11. What causes painful periods?
12. Why on earth am I urinating during sex?
13. Why is it so important to drink plenty water?
14. What exactly is a migraine?
15. How do I keep my skin healthy and young looking?
16. What is irritable bowel syndrome?
17. What do chemotherapy and radiotherapy actually involve?
18. Is Viagra safe and can women take it too?
19. What causes herpes?
20. What can I do to help with sore muscles?

21. What is manic depression and how is it treated?
22. Apart from pregnancy, what else causes missed periods?
23. What can I do to help keep my brain healthy?
24. What is acid reflux?
25. Are there steps I can take to avoid getting cellulite?
26. What is Crohn's disease?
27. Why do some people get cold sores but others don't?
28. What is an tinnitus and can it be cured?
29. How do I lower my stress levels?
30. What is a genital prolapse?

31. What are varicose veins and can they be prevented?
32. How do I lift myself out of depression?
33. We all know about cancer but what exactly is it?
34. What is the condition known as ME?
35. What is gonorrhea?
36. Are there steps I can take to help with back pain?
37. What is the illness Asperger's syndrome?
38. What is threadworm and how can it be treated?
39. How can I make my periods just that little more bearable?
40. What is thrush and how can it be avoided?

41. What can I do to keep colds and flu at bay?
42. How do I get the sleep my body needs?
43. What is Parkinson's disease and can it effect women?
44. What is the condition called lupus?
45. How do I ensure my teeth are as healthy as possible?
46. Do the advantages of undertaking HRT outweigh the disadvantages?
47. What is Tourette's syndrome?
48. Is there any way that headaches can be prevented?
49. What is syphilis and just how serious is it?
50. Why is my period so heavy?

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