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What can I do to relieve the pain of headaches and avoid getting them in the first place?

Almost every woman in the country suffers from headaches from time to time and some women are literally plagued by them.

Of course you can always pop a paracetamol to ease the pain but it's much more sensible and indeed healthy to try to prevent headaches from occurring in the fist place.

So what can you do to keep that sore head at bay? Well, five of the most effective steps you can take are as follows...

Keep an eye on your eyes

One of the main causes of head pain is eye strain. When your eyes struggle to focus they apply pressure to the surrounding muscles which in turn causes a headache.

Obviously regular eye checks are essential but it is also important to treat your eyes gently. If you spend considerable time writing, reading or computer work you must give your eyes a rest every fifteen to twenty minutes.

Avoid temperature change

The human body doesn't like dramatic temperature changes. Moving from a warm environment to a significantly colder one, or vice versa, can adversely effect the circulation of blood to the head which often results in a headache.

Massage the pain away

Gently rubbing the temples can help relieve tension and alleviate pain. It's even more effective when performed using aromatherapy oils to further encourage relaxation.

Eat to prevent inflammation

Many headaches are caused by inflammation around the eyes, jaw and temples. Foods such as mackerel, broccoli and ginger contain powerful anti-inflammatory properties that can help alleviate this problem.

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