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The symptoms of Type 2 diabetes can be successfully managed to minimise the risk of long-term complications. However, managing Type 1 diabetes can be more of a challange, and sometimes serious health issues arise irrespective of the quailty of the management program.

Management of diabetes will involve following a carefully designed diet, exercise, and insulin injection plan to help keep the condition under control. The requirements for Type 1 diabetes will be more strict with daily, or several times daily, insulin injections necessary.

Management will focus on minimising glucose and other cardiovascular risk factors. Lifestyle choices such as smoking, inactivity, and an unhealthy diet will be addressed. A great deal of support will be given to help the individual make the changes needed to prevent the condition causing serious health problems.

However, the responsibility of managing diabetes lies with the individual. Doctors and hospitals can't monitor you 24 hours a day to ensure you're following the recommended plan. Unless, you take responsibility for your condition, diabetes will invariably get the better of you.

Education is key to the successful management of diabetes. Giving the individual the knowledge to deal with their condition is a huge step towards successful treatment.

Regular health checkups will be necessary for diabetes sufferers. These are vital to assess how the condition is being managed, and to identify any further health issues that may have resulted from the condition.

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