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People suffering from depression can experience a broad range of symptoms both physical and phycological. The condition can also cause problems in your day to day life, affecting both work and relationships.

The most obvious phycological symptom of depression is low mood. This can be caused by feelings of hopelessness, helplessness or worthlessness. Depressed people will often have low self-esteem, and be too self-critical of themselves.

Other physical symptoms can include irritability, indecisiveness, anxiousness, and feelings of guilt. You may also find no enjoyment from anything in your life.

In severe cases of depression you may also develop suicidal or self-harming thoughts. Very rarely, these thought may include causing harm to others.

In terms of physical symptoms, depression can cause constipation, a lack of energy, disturbed sleep, and general body aches. You may also experience considerable fluctuations in weight.

Some depression people will also appear to function at a slower rate. This can either be slowed speech or slowed movement. The condition can cause a general sluggishness can take over.

Symptoms of depression can also be seen in your day to day life. The condition may adversely affect your performance at work. It may deter you from taking part in social activities. And it may also cause difficulties in your relationships with friends and family.

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