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Stress and depression are often intrinsically linked. Stress can sometimes cause depression, and depression can occasionally result in stress.

The relationship between stress and depression can be quite clear in some cases, but much more complex in others. The two conditions can be interwoven to such an extent that it's difficult to establish which came first.

A number of studies have shown than a stressful experience can trigger depression. It may not be the sole cause of the condition but it can be the factor that tips the scales sufficiently for depression to develop.

Research has also indicated that relatively minor events such a stressful day at work, or an argument with a partner, can increase the likelihood of depression taking hold. Again, this low level of stress may just be enough to trigger the onset of depression. In most cases, there will be several existing factors making the individual more susceptible to depression.

As much as stress can contribute to depression, being depressed can also make you stressed. Research has shown that all three major forms of depression (dysthymia, major depression, and bipolar disorder) can cause severe stress. Depression can have an adverse affect on your life, with stress being one of the likely results.

The symptoms of depression can lead to relationships issues as well as problems at work. If you are unhappy at home and at work, you will invariably become stressed.

The relationship between stress and depression is believed to be linked to chemicals and hormones in the body such as serotonin and corticotropin-releasing factor (CRF). Scientists believe that the control of these naturally occurring substances could make a huge difference in the ongoing battle against stress and depression.

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