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The main type of medication used to treat depression is, as you will no doubt be aware, antidepressants. These drugs work by correcting the low moods and other symptoms typically experienced during a period of depression.

Your doctor will decide which form of antidepressant is be most suitable for your condition. In some instances, it may a case of trial and error, before finding the most effective medication.

Depression medication can take several weeks before having any affect. It's recommended that patients continue to take their medication for six months after recovery, to prevent an immediate recurrence of the illness.

Antidepressants are not psychologically addictive, but they can lead to a physical dependency with sustained use. They are also not the same as so called "happy pills" which induce a false sense of happiness.

Although, modern antidepressant medication have fewer side effects than previous versions, problems can still arise. Possible side effects continue to include blurred vision, drowsiness, tremors, sexual problems, skin rash, and involuntary weight changes.

Despite the effectiveness of antidepressants, it's preferable to treat depression without the use of medication. Mild depression can be managed through therapy or education. It can also be allowed to pass naturally in its own time. However, in cases of severe depression, medication will often be the best solution.

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