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Depression will make you feel hopeless, worthless, and generally unhappy. However, the condition can also significantly effect your body.

There are any number of possible side effects from depression. One of the most common side effects of depression is an inability to sleep. Depression can cause you to wake up in the middle of the night, or prevent you from getting to sleep at all.

Depression cans also cause weight fluctuations, with some people losing considerable weight, whereas others pile on the pounds. The condition can cause a feeling of not wanting to eat, or it can just as easily cause an individual to overeat.

Other common side effects of depression include headaches, digestion problems, and general body aches. It can also cause a feeling of constant tiredness.

Depression can also greatly affect your libido. Many sufferers report a dramatic reduction in their sex drive, which can cause relationship problems, thereby fueling the depression yet further.

More serious side effects associated with depression include thyroid disease, raised blood pressure, and heart related problems. The condition is a contributing factor in many stroke cases.

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