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The can be a huge number of reasons for depression. The condition can be caused by one single factor, but more commonly a combination of issues are behind the problem.

The main causes of depression can be categorised as illness, personality traits, family history, social isolation, and life events.

A serious or chronic illness will often cause depression. People can become depressed about how their symptoms, or how their condition ia affecting their lives.

Personality traits, such as low self-esteem, can make you more susceptible to devolving depression. If you're too self-critical, you are more likely to be unhappy, and therefore become depressed.

Studies have shown that depression can, to some extent, run in families. There may be a genetic link making you more likely to suffer from the condition if one, or both, of your parents did.

Social isolation can also cause depression, whether it's separtaion from friends or family. Living a solitary existence can cause loneliness and too much self-analysis, which often leads to depression.

Depression can also develop in response to a particular event in your life, such as a death or a relationship breakup. During times of stress of sadness you are more at risk of depression than normal.

Other common cause of depression are giving birth (postnasal depression), and alcohol or drug abuse. However, it's sometimes difficult to determine whether an individual is depressed because of alcohol/drug abuse or if depression caused the abuse to start in the first place.

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