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It's estimated that up to 10% of the population are suffering from some form of depression at any one time. Women are twice as likely to experience depression as men, but the condition affects people of all ages and from all walks of life.

The main symptom of depression is obviously a low mood. You will feel a sense of hopelessness or worthless. Other symptoms include irritability, indecisiveness, and anxiousness. Constipation, a lack of energy, and disturbed sleeping patterns are also possible. More information on the common symptoms of depression.

The treatment of depression will usually comprise medication, therapy, or a combination of the two. The methods of treatment used will depend on the severity of the condition and the type of symptoms it is causing. More details on the treatment of depression.

There can be any number of causes of depression but the most common issues are illness, personality traits, family history, social isolation, and stressful life events. Sometimes just one factor will trigger depression, but often a combination of issues will cause the condition to develop. More details on what causes depression.

The main type of medication used to treat depression is antidepressants. Modern antidepressant have fewer side effects than previous versions, and will prove beneficial in the vast majority of cases. More details on depression medication.

There is no physical test for depression. Instead, the condition is diagnosed through a detailed questionnaire, designed to identify the presence of certain mental illnesses. More details on how to test for the disorder.

Depression can have an affect on all aspects of your life. The condition causes a number of physical symptoms as well as a variety of psychological issues. It can also create problems at work and in your personal relationships. More information on depression's effects.

Famous people
Depression is no respecter of fame, wealth or power. Dozens, if not hundreds, of celebrities have admitted suffering from the condition. Actors, musicians, novelists, artists, and politicians are all known to have experienced this mental health issue. More information on famous people who have admitted to having the condition.

The are fundamental links between stress and depression. It's possible to become depressed because of stress, but you can also become stressed due to depression. The conditions are believed to be caused by an imbalance of the same chemicals and hormones in the body. More information on the links and differences between stress and depression.

We all suffer from depression from time to time. But when these feelings carry on for a sustained period, and affect our ability to live our daily lives, this is known as clinical depression. It's estimated that up to 5% of the UK population suffer from this mental health issue. More details on clinical depression.

Psychotic depression is a serious condition where feelings of depression are accompanied by some form of psychosis. Psychotic depression will typically involve hallucinations or significant delusions, as well the usual symptoms of normal depression. Further information on psychotic depression.

Depression in women who have just given birth is a very common condition affecting up to half of all new mothers. Postnatal depression can cause a range of symptoms including a lack of interest in your new baby. More details on postnatal depression.

You'll find a great deal of support for depression in the UK. They are a number of charities, organisations, and support groups who can provide you with invaluable advice and information. More details on finding support in the UK.

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