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The main symptoms of constipation are infrequent bowel movements and difficulty passing stools. However, constipation can also cause a number of other symptoms including abdominal pain.

Constipation can cause a variety of pains in the stomach as your body tries to deal with the build up of stools. This pain can be very mild in nature, but some people do experience severe discomfort.

Constipation can also cause painful gas as your impacted bowels begin to release an excess of gas. As well as being uncomfortable, this can also be extremely embarrassing when at work or around other people.

In some cases, constipation can cause a great deal of pain in the rectal area. Hemorrhoids and small anal tears can develop when you are trying to pass a hard stool. Levator syndrome which involves spasms in he muscles around the anus is also possible.

Trying to assess constipation by the level of pain it's causing can be very difficult. People have different pain thresholds. What someone finds excruciatingly painful may not bother the next person as much. Also, pain is not always a good indicator of the severity of the problem. Sometimes the most serious conditions cause little or no pain whatsoever.

The best advice is to seek medical assistance if you feel anything other than just passing pain. Make an appointment with your GP if your pain becomes more regular or spreads to other parts of your body. Similarly, if you start to develop a fever, don't hesitate in popping down to your local doctor's surgery. Constipation pain is likely to be nothing to worry about but it's still sensible to get it checked out at an early stage.

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