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In most cases, the easiest cure for constipation is a laxative. A simple stool softener should get your bowels moving, and provide the relief you so desperately need.

However, although laxatives can be the most effective cure for constipation, they aren't necessarily the best. Constipation is often caused by long term dietary issues such as not eating enough fibre or not drinking enough water. Whilst a laxative will cure your current spell of constipation, it won't prevent you from developing another bowel blockage a few days later.

In order to use laxatives as a long term cure, you will need to reach for the bottle almost every week. Not only is this unhealthy, but it can cause your constipation to get worse. The over-use of stimulant laxatives can damage the nerves and muscles of the colon, making it more difficult to pass stools.

The best way to cure most cases of constipation is by making changes to your diet and lifestyle. Simply eating more fruit and vegetables can make an enormous difference to your bowel habits. A little extra fibre can make going to the toilet much more bearable.

As with most things in life, prevention of constipation is better than cure. Following a healthy, balanced diet will significantly reduce your chances of developing constipation. You should experience nothing but regular, smooth bowel movements.

However, some cases of constipation are not caused by dietary issues. Anxiety, stress, and underling health conditions can also cause constipation to develop. Laxatives and dietary changes may improve the problem but they won't cure the condition. Therapy, medication, and even surgery may be required to fully address the issue in some people.

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