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Local GPs and NHS hospital provide a great deal of support for colitis sufferers in the UK. Your GP will help monitor your condition, and adapt your medication to keep the symptoms under control. Hospitals can quickly diagnose and treat complications from colitis, and, in the worst case scenario, provide colon surgery.

However, it's important to try to manage your colitis condition yourself. It's easy to rely too much on the health service in the UK, after all it is free. But unless you try to take responsibility for your own condition, you are likely to deteriorate rather than improve.

Although diet doesn't appear to cause ulcerative colitis, you should still make the right food choices to help ease the symptoms of the condition. A healthy, balanced diet with soluble fibre rather than insoluble fibre can help make colitis flare-ups less likely. Very high amounts of dairy fat should also be avoided.

The are a number of charities and organisations in the UK offering support for ulcerative colitis. These groups can be excellent support networks providing you with a great deal of help and advice. Talking to other people with colitis can be hugely beneficial both emotionally and practially.

Perhaps the largest support group in the UK, is the The National Association for Colitis and Crohn's Disease. This organisation provides information about inflammatory bowel diseases, and offers support to those affected by the diseases as well as their relatives and friends.

You can contact The National Association for Colitis and Crohn's Disease on 0845 130 2233 or by visiting The best time to call is 10am - 1pm form Monday to Friday. You may go though to straight through to an answerphone at other times.

You will also find support for colitis in the UK on the internet. There are a number of forums and message boards where you can chat to other colitis sufferers. One of the best sites is the Crohn's Zone which can abe found at The support community offers member IBD diaries, personal stories, as well as a terrific chatroom.

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