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There primary symptom of ulcerative colitis is frequent diarrhea. This will be different from the bouts of diarrhea that we all experience from time to time, in that it will be more constant.

The diarrhea caused by ulcerative colitis may often have blood or mucus in it, further differentiating it from regular diarrhea. If you experience this symptom, you should make an appointment with your local doctor.

The other common symptom of ulcerative colitis is abdominal cramping during bowel movements. This can be mild, or really quite painful, in nature. The combination of cramping and diarrheas is a significant sign that you are suffering from colitis.

Ulcerative colitis will make you feel that you urgently need to have a bowel movement. However, when you do go to the toilet, you may be left with a feeling that you haven't finished.

Other possible symptoms of colitis include nausea, incontinence, tiredness, and a high temperature. You may also lose your appetite, and as a result begin to lose wight.

You can also develop physical symptoms of ulcerative colitis in other parts of your body. Skin rashes, mouth ulcers and skin lesions can appear. Inflammation can also occur anywhere on the boy, but particularly around the eyes.

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