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The main warning sign of ulcerative colitis is diarrhea. Of course the presence of diarrhea can be caused by a whole host of other reasons but there are two aspects that differentiate normal diarrhea from ulcerous colitis diarrhea.

Firstly, diarrhea cased by ulcerous colitis will be frequent in nature. Whereas, normal diarrhea will last a day or two before passing, colitis diarrhea will last a lot longer, and can return very quickly. Secondly, diarrhea related to colitis will often contain blood or mucus. This is a sign that something really isn't right inside your body, and needs to be checked out.

The other common sign of ulcerous colitis is abdominal cramps when you attempt a bowel movement. This can be range from being mildly uncomfortable to relatively painful. Again, the presence of this symptom should prompt a visit to your local doctor.

Another warning sign of colitis is an urgent need to go to the toilet. You feel that you must move your bowels immediately, but when you do, nothing happens. A feeling of not being finished is a common symptom of the condition.

Other signs of ulcerous colitis are generally feeling unwell with a lack of energy and severe tiredness. You may also lose your appetite and begin to lose weight. Fever, incontinence, and vomiting are also possible signs of the condition.

As many of the signs of colitis can be mistaken for something else, it's important to seek medical advice. Your local GP will be able to diagnose your condition, and begin a relevant course of treatment.

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