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Unfortunately, there is no cure for ulcerative colitis. However, a range of treatments can help improve the symptoms, and reduce the risks of further serious conditions.

In most things in life, prevention is the best form of cure. However, despite considerable research into the condition, experts are still unsure of the causes of colitis. This makes trying to prevent the condition very difficult.

Dietary and lifestyle issues don't appear to be directly linked to the condition but they are fundamental aspects of a healthy body. They can also greatly improve the symptoms of ulcerative colitis should you develop the condition.

A balanced diet can be the key to good health. Certain food choices can also help alleviate the symptoms of ulcerative colitis. Too much dairy or foods high in insoluble fibre can irritate the colon. Whereas soluble fibres and foods that are easily digested by the body, can help keep your colon in optimum condition.

A vitamin and mineral supplement may be beneficial, if you aren't deriving sufficient nutrients from your diet. A good daily multivitamin providing 100% of the daily recommended intake is the best option. There is no need to take high doses of vitamins that provide your body with ten or even twenty times the level of nutrients it needs.

Regular exercise should go hand in hand with a healthy diet. Not only does it help control your weight but it builds muscle, strengthens bones, and helps create an all round healthier body.

Smoking and drinking too much alcohol is obviously not good for the body. Inflammation and irritation are likely to develop as a result, which can trigger or worsen a colitis flare-up.

Until scientists find a cure for ulcerative colitis, or at least identify the reasons behind the condition, the aforementioned dietary and lifestyle choices are your only line of defence. The won't cure colitis, and, in many cases, they're won't even help prevent the condition from developing, but they will make you a healthier person, not to mention reducing your risk for many other serious conditions.

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