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What steps can I take to help avoid picking up colds and flu?

As a nation, we spend hundreds of millions of pounds on cold and flu medication every year.

However there are many other steps we can take to help avoid these common infections and also shorten their duration when they do occur...

If you don't give your body enough sleep you will eventually reduce the effectiveness of your immune system, which in turn increased your vulnerability to colds and flu. You should aim for at least seven hours a night to give your body the rest it needs.

Steam those germs away
Some people say if you feel a cold coming on, you should head straight to the local sauna or steam room. And to a large extent they are quite right. Not only will your body sweat out many harmful toxins but the steam can actually kill many of the invading cells in your body causing your illness.

A cup of tea and a glass of wine
Research has shown that the chemical L-theanine found in green and black tea can protect the body from colds and flu. Even better news is that experts also believe that a glass of wine as day can significantly lower your vulnerability to viruses.

Wash your hands
Washing your hands thoroughly and frequently helps reduce the likelihood of germs you may have touched from entering your blood stream.

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