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Are cigars better for you than cigarettes or are they just as bad for your health?

Many people give up cigarettes only to start smoking cigars as a replacement.

Their belief is that cigars are considerably healthier than cigarettes and therefore two or three cigars a day wont do you any harm. However, this couldn't be further from the truth.

The fact is that the concentrations of tar and nicotine are much higher in cigars than cigarettes. Cigar smoke is also more likely to cause persistent coughs and phlegm and as well as increased risk of peptic ulcers.

It is also worth noting that a cigar can produce over twenty times as much secondhand smoke as a cigarette. That's more than enough for all the family to enjoy.

But the bottom line is that cancer death rates for cigar smokers are over 30% higher than for nonsmokers. With this kind of statistic it really is immaterial whether cigars or cigarettes are more healthy. They are both killers. End of story.

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