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Do I need a medical health check up, and what are my options in the UK?

People in the UK are becoming more interested in health and staying healthy than ever before. And as a result, more of us are choosing to have annual health check ups.

This may seem a little extreme to some but when you think about it, nothing makes more sense. We take our cars for annual MOTs so why not take ourselves for a yearly checkup as well? Surely, our health is more important than the metal box sitting on our driveways.

Unfortunately, annual health checks on the NHS are only available to patients only over 75. Everyone else has to pay to have a medical once over.

There are a variety of different health checkups available in the private health sector. The more medical tests carried out, the more expensive the checkup will be. One of the most popular private checkups is Bupa's 90 minute assessment which costs £395. This may seem expensive but some checkups will leave you with little change from a thousand pounds.

However, there are basic health checkup available from around £100. These affordable assessments check measures as height, weight, blood pressure, cholesterol levels. Advanced tests such as scans and X-rays will cost considerably more.

But before you rush out to book a private medical checkup, it's worth remembering that you can now test yourself for a variety of issues. Home kits such as those for blood pressure and cholesterol can help monitor your health levels, and give you an early indictor of potential problems.

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