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What causes the skin condition cellulite and can it be properly treated?

For the few women left in the world who don't know, cellulite is the term given to a dimpling of the skin, usually on the thighs, that looks like orange peel.

Cellulite is believed to be an accumulation of fat, fluid and toxins trapped inside in the deeper levels of your skin. We still don't know exactly what causes this condition but stress, poor diet, hormones and a lack of exercise are the likely culprits.

There's a mountain of advice out there telling you how to avoid cellulite but much of it is complete nonsense. However, there are five genuine steps you can take to help keep the orange peel horror at bay:

Drink, drink, drink
Many experts believe that a lack of water in the body can cause or certainly aggravate cellulite. So try to drink between six and eight glasses a day.

Don't diet to too fast
If you attempt to lose too much weight too quickly your body will try to preserve any fats and fluids it has left, much of which will be in your thighs - the very place where cellulite likes to set up home.

You can't massage cellulite away but you can encourage blood circulation to cellulite prone areas which is believed to help prevent the dimpling from appearing.

People who exercise regularly are far less likely to develop cellulite that those who don't. Not only does a good workout reduce your levels of fat but it also stimulates that all important blood flow.

Cut out the fat
Although even slim people suffer from cellulite, they are considerably less likely to develop the condition. So cut out the fatty foods and lose those excess pounds. But remember to do it sensibly with a healthy balanced diet and regular exercise.

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