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What causes vaginal bleeding between periods and what can be done about it?

There are many possible causes of vaginal intermenstrual bleeding, some of which are harmless but others can be more serious.

This is why you should always consult your GP if you experience significant bleeding between your periods. It really is better to be safe than sorry as you will see from the seven most likely causes of intermenstrual bleeding listed below...

Hormonal Imbalance
A temporary hormonal imbalance is the most common reason for bleeding between periods and is completely harmless. Your body will realign itself very quickly and the bleeding should stop.

Breakthrough Bleeding on the Contraceptive Pill
Breakthrough bleeding is a surprisingly common side effect of the contraceptive pill particularly in women who have just started taking birth control. Once again, in most cases, this will clear up by itself.

Cervical Cancer
Very rarely, bleeding between periods can be a sign of cancer of the cervix. This is obviously one of the main reason why all abnormal bleeding should be investigated.

Cervical Polyp
These tiny, harmless growth on the outer surface of the cervix can bleed after intense sexual intercourse.

Pelvic Inflammatory Disease
This infection of the uterus can also cause vaginal bleeding.

Cervical Erosion
This is the process where the cells of the cervix begin to grow on its outer surface. These cells can bleed when contact is made during sexual intercourse or after the insertion of a tampon.

If you are pregnant, a miscarriage can sadly be the cause of vaginal intermenstrual bleeding.

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