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Trying to cope with bipolar disorder on your own can be extremely difficult. The condition can be very destructive to both your yourself, and those around you. It's therefore important to seek out as much outside support as you can.

Bipolar counsellors and support groups help give you the knowledge and understanding to deal with the disorder more effectively. Real-life experiences from other bipolar sufferers can greatly improve your outlook. Simply, hearing from people who are going through the same problems that you are, can have a tremendous affect on your disposition.

Connections you make at bipolar support groups can prove invaluable. An understanding ear or a small piece advice can help make your life just that little bit easier.

Support groups are fantastic for helping you develop the coping strategies needed to live with bipolar. You will often pick up tips and tricks that you wouldn't necessarily find in medical books.

The UK is full of bipolar support groups, with organisation in most major towns and cities in the country. You GP will be able to put you in touch with a local group, or you can check online for a meeting near you.

Another great source of support in the UK is MDF - The Bipolar Organisation. This national charity is dedicated to supporting individuals with bipolar, as well as their families and careers. You can contact MDF by calling 020 7793 2600 or email

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