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You may be surprised to learn that hundreds of famous actors, singers, writers, sportsman and television personalities have suffered from bipolar disorder. The condition is no respecter of fame, success, or wealth. People from all walks of life struggle to cope with the disorder every day.

Famous actors and actresses who have experienced bipolar disorder include Jeremy Brett, Richard Dreyfuss, Mel Gibson and Linda Hamilton. Action movie star Jean Claude Van Damme also admitted suffering from the condition.

Celebrities in the world of music who have suffered from bipolar disorder include Adam Ant, Kurt Cobain and Nina Simone. Axl Rose from rock band Guns N' Roses is also known to experienced the disorder.

Television star who have been diagnosed with bipolar include Russell Brand, Stephan Fry and Bill Oddie. Reality television star Kerry Katona is another widely publicized bipolar sufferer.

Celebrities in the world of sport who have suffered rom bipolar disorder include the boxer Frank Bruno and Paul Gascoigne. Australian cricketer Michael Slater was forced to retire from the game due to bipolar related symptoms.

A number of famous poets, artists, and writers are also know to have been bipolar. Virginia Woolf, Vincent Van Gogh, Graham Greene and Ernest Hemingway are all believed to have suffered from the disorder.

Of course, for every famous person with bipolar that we know about, there are many more who have chosen to keep their condition private. No one really knows just how prevalent the condition is in the celebrity world.

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