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What steps can I take to help avoid or alleviate back pain?

Millions of women in the UK suffer from back pain every day. In some cases there are distinct reasons for this pain and these reasons can be addressed.

However, in many instances there is no apparent root cause and therefore very little can be done medically. Nevertheless, there are simple steps you can take to help avoid back pain and reduce it's severity when it does occur...

Sit properly
Failure to sit properly is perhaps the biggest cause of mild back pain. You should always place both feet flat on the floor when sitting and avoid crossing your legs which put pressure on the pelvis. You should sit back in the chair with an upright spine and avoid leaning forward with an arched back. It's also important not to sit in a chair that is too high, too low or even too large. Adjust your chair so your knees are slightly higher than your hips. A footrest can be used if this is not possible.

Bend and lift wisely
Many back problems are caused or at least aggravated by not bending and lifting in the correct manner. Always keep you back upright and let your legs do all the work. As soon as you bend your back, you're asking for trouble.

Take a ten minute nap
The pressure on your back is several times greater when you are standing up than when you are lying down, so ten minutes in bed can really help relieve the pain. However, don't sleep for too long as this can cause your back to seize up due to a lack of activity.

Keep the pounds off
Carrying excess weight applies more pressure to your back than it was designed to cope with. Overweight people with back problems often find their back pain disappears after they lose significant weight.

Try to relax
Back pain can be caused by muscle tension brought on by stress. A long soak in the bath, a relaxing massage or even a short holiday can do wonders to alleviate back problems.

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