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Stress can be easily confused with anxiety but the two conditions are usually quite different. The distinction is an important one, as the problems are addressed in different ways.

Stress typically develops from a specific situation or thought that makes you feel angry, nervous, worried, or frustrated. Anxiety, on the other hand, is a feeling of apprehension or foreboding, for which you may not know the reason.

Stress can make you feel very anxious, but in general, it's a milder type of condition than anxiety. Where stress ia a reaction to to an interior feeling or an exterior event, anxiety is typically caused by psychological issues such as a chemical imbalance in the brain.

Stress and anxiety can prove equally damaging and destructive to a patient's life. Although, anxiety is a more complex disorder, both conditions can cause serious health problems. Heart attacks, strokes, and suicidal thoughts can result in some cases.

Diagnosing stress and anxiety will be relatively simple for a medical professional. He will ask you a series of questions to identify the type of feelings you are experiencing as well as their frequency and severity.

Both conditions can be treated through a variety of approaches including medication, therapy, and the development of coping skills. Some patients improve very quickly after a treatment process begins but others can struggle even with a multifacited approach.

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