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An anxiety attack is quite different from a panic attack. The differences lie in the length and intensity of the symptoms typically displayed by each condition.

An anxiety attack will usually develop over a period of time, in most cases due to prolonged feelings of worry or foreboding. A panic attack, on the other hand, will tend to occur in a more sudden and intense manner.

A panic attack will be triggered by a specific event of thought, and last for approximately ten to fifteen minutes before quickly subsiding. However, some people may experience one attack closely followed by another, which can be particularly traumatic.

The main symptoms of a panic attack include heart palpations, shaking, nausea and excessive sweating. You may also have a feeling of choking or lightheadedness. Some people even have a feeling that they're going to die.

Anxiety attacks can share many of the same symptoms as a panic attack. Increased heart hate, shortness or breath, and dizziness are commonly experienced during an anxiety attack. However, such feelings will tend to be less intense that those experienced during a panic attack. They will normally also last a great deal longer than during a panic attack.

Other common symptoms of an anxiety attack, or anxiety in general, are fatigue, restlessness, irritability and muscle tension. You may also have problems concentrating as well as difficulty getting to and staying asleep.

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