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The health benefits of aloe vera

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All About Aloe Vera

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by Marianne Sagnier

There are literally hundreds of different products available containing aloe vera. But what is this revered substance and what are its benefits? All the answers you need are here...

What is aloe vera?

Aloe vera is a plant of the lilly family that grows throughout the African continent. The health benefits of its large leaves were discovered by the Egyptians over three thousand years ago.

What are the benefits of aloe vera?

The aloe vera plant produces a gel like substance which can help with skin problems such as sunburn and minor wounds. It not only soothes the affected area but reduces swelling as well. It addition, it speeds up the healing process by encouraging the circulation of blood to the area surrounding the cut or burn. The aloe vera plant also contains high levels of anti-inflammatory substances. This has led to the production of aloe vera juice which is said to help with digestion problem. However, the evidence on this is far from conclusive.

Are there any side effects of aloe vera?

There are no serious side effects of taking aloe vera. In some cases it can cause minor skin irritation or produce a laxative effect if taken orally. Pregnant women and those who breast feed should not take aloe vera as a food supplement.

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