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An increasing number of women are having acupuncture treatment to help them lose weight. The traditional Chinese technique is believed, by some, to be beneficial to weight loss and weight control.

Acupuncture is said to help in the battle with weight loss by encouraging relaxation, and therefore ease feeling of stress, anxiety of frustration. Overeating can often be caused by these negative emotions so anything that improves mood and disposition can but help.

Acupuncture is also said to benefit weight loss as it helps release endorphins which have a positive affect on both digestive and hormonal systems. However, this claim is far from accepted in the medical profession, with many experts stating that there's no truth in it.

So does acupuncture really help you to lose weight? The rather vague answer to this question is that it can. Some small studies have suggested that it can contribute to weight loss. However, other research has found no link between acupuncture and losing weight whatsoever.

If you approach acupuncture thinking that the pounds are miraculously going to fall off, you will be disappointed. Acupuncture is certainly no magic bullet for losing weight.

However, if you adopt acupuncture as one small part of a weight loss program, it may help you to reach your goals. But unless you eat less and exercise more, no amount of tiny needles will shift that excess weight.

If you are considering acupuncture to help you lose weight, always choose a well regarded clinic with experienced medical staff. Inferior treatment is unlikely to do you any harm, but it's unlikely to do you any good either.

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