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There are now acupuncture clinics in every major town an city in the UK. The benefit of such high number of clinics is that most people will only be a short journey from an acupuncture specialist.

However, the problem with so many clinics is that the industry is not well regulated. Herbal remedies and alternative medicine providers are not controlled in the same way as cosmetic surgery clinics.

In effect, anyone could set up their own acupuncture clinic and begin practicing. There is currently no need to register with the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) or any other governing body.

However, steps are now being taken to provide the public with better protection from substandard acupuncture clinics. The government is in the process of requiring practitioners of Chinese herbal medicine to be trained to a certain standard.

If you are considering acupuncture in the UK, you should always choose a well established clinic with fully trained and experienced staff. Most of the major private hospitals and medical groups in the UK, such as BMI Healthcare, provide acupuncture treatment. They may be slightly more expensive than a high street clinic, but they do offer first class levels of care of treatment.

There are also many highly recommended independent clinics across the UK. Your GP may be able to refer to a reputable local clinic. Alternatively, you can find a clinic through The British Acupuncture Council. Their website,, allow you to search for an acupuncture specialist in your local area.

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