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One in five men under the age of seventy has had a vasectomy in the UK. This is more than almost any other country in the world.

It's therefore no surprise that the UK also have very high rates of vasectomy reversals. People change their minds, circumstances change, and decisions are regretted. Fortunately, the decision to have a vasectomy can, in some cases, be reversed.

Up until 2004, thousands of men were attempting to have vasectomy reversals at their local NHS hospitals. However, this was placing such a strain on hospital budgets that the government imposed a blanket ban of vasectomy reversals. From 2004, if you wanted to reverse a vasectomy procedure in the UK, you would need to pay for it.

Fortunately, the UK has numerous private clinics, surgeons and vasectomy specialists offering reversal treatment. You may also be able to have the procedure on a private basis at a NHS hospital.

Unfortunately, vasectomy reversal surgery is not cheap. Prices vary from clinic to clinic but you can expect to pay somewhere in the region of 2,000 to 3,000 for the procedure. A number of well established clinics charge in excess of 4,000.

Standards of care and treatment in the UK are generally very good. There are very few inferior clinics providing substandard procedures.

You can, of course, choose to have vasectomy reversal surgery outside of the UK. Indeed many people are attracted by the substantially lower prices found abroad. Savings of over 50% are not uncommon but these must be balanced with the possible greater risks of having treatment abroad.

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