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You will find a number of vasectomy reversal clinics and surgeons in the UK. Many large private health clinics will have a dedicated department for reversing vasectomies. There are also several stand alone vasectomy clinics throughout the United Kingdom.

Finding a vasectomy specialist shouldn't be too much of a problem as your local doctor will be able to refer you to a local specialist. You can also check with major private hospitals in your area to see if they provide a vasectomy removal service. Three of the largest and most respected private medical groups are Bupa, BMI Healthcare and Nuffield Health.

Recommending a vasectomy surgery specialist can be difficult as the UK has so many first class clinics and surgeons. However, the following are amongst the best specialists in the country:

The Dawson Microsurgery Clinic - found within The General Medical Centre in Hartlepool, this clinic specialises exclusively in vasectomy reversals. Using the most advanced microsurgical technique, this clinic provides excellent standards of care and treatment. For more information, telephone 01429 282 800.

The Vasectomy Reversal Clinic - located in the Spire Gatwick Park Hospital in Horley, Surrey this is another highly regarded specialist with a good reputation for reversal treatment. Telephone 01293 778919 to make an appointment.

Mr Duncan Harriss - operating out of the BMI Park Hospital in Nottingham, this vasectomy specialist carries out over 40 reversals procedures every month. Superb success rates, and world class standards of treatment. To find out more, call 0800 559 3922 or email

When choosing a vasectomy removal specialists, it's important to base your decision on more than just price. A leading vasectomy specialist may cost a few pounds extra, but those few pounds could make the difference between successful and unsuccessful treatment.

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