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If you want to have a free vasectomy reversal on the NHS, you're likely to be disappointed. The procedure is very rarely provided on the NHS in the UK. In 2004, the government imposed a blanket ban on this type of operation as it was placing huge pressure on NHS services.

Only in exceptional circumstances will funding for a reversal procedure be offered on the NHS. This will be a matter for the individual Primary Care Trust to rule upon.

Vasectomy reversals are generally not available on the NHS because they correct what was purely voluntary surgery. The vast majority of vasectomies are performed for lifestyle reasons rather than underlying health issues. There was no medical necessity for the vasectomy, and there is no medical necessity for the reversal.

However, you could argue that vasectomy reversals are no different to plastic surgery correction, such as breast implant removal, which is sometimes offered by NHS hospitals. But the bottom line is that hospitals have limited budgets, and simply cannot afford to offer universal medical treatment. Priorities must be made, and vasectomy reversals are not high on the list of important procedures.

You can of course have a vasectomy reversals at any number of private clinics throughout the UK. Prices typically range from 1,800 to 2,800 but some clinics charge well over 4,000.

You may also be able to have vasectomy reversal surgery at a NHS hospital on a private basis. Prices are generally the same as private clinics but you may prefer to have the procedure in your local hospital.

The costs of vasectomy reversal surgery can be substantially cheaper aboard with savings of over 50% not uncommon. However, these low costs may come at a higher risk of developing complications or receiving unsuccessful treatment.

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