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Unfortunately, vasectomy reversals are rarely available on the NHS. In 2004, the government imposed a blanket ban on vasectomy reversals as they were draining NHS budgets. Private treatment is therefore the only option for most people.

So how much does a vasectomy reversal cost at a private clinic in the UK? Prices can vary considerably between clinics but, on average, a vasectomy reversal is likely to cost between £1,800 to £2,800. However, don't be surprised to find some clinics charging prices in excess of £4,000.

When comparing the cost of treatment between clinics, it's important to ensure that you're comparing like with like. A clinic's headline price may not include all hospital charges and consultantís fees. Similarly, some clinics offer a money back guarantee but again the terms of such policies can vary significantly.

The cost of a vasectomy reversal may also be more expensive if the surgery required is anything other than a straightforward procedure. More complex reversal surgery can cost several hundreds pounds more.

The cost of vasectomy reversal abroad can be substantially cheaper than prices in the UK. Indeed, savings of up to 50% can be found in countries throughout Asia, Eastern Europe and South America.

However, these potential savings must be balanced with the typical drawbacks of medical tourism. The risks of treatment abroad will undoubtedly be greater unless you choose an experienced surgeon at a well regarded clinic. Post surgery visits to the clinic will entail another long and expensive journey. And finally, success rates in clinics abroad may not be as high as those typically found in the UK.

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