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The main alternative to vasectomy reversal is intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI). This form of fertility treatment involves removing sperm directly from a man's testicle before injecting it into his partner's egg in the laboratory. The fertilised egg is then transferred into the female's womb. If the embryo manages to attach itself to her uterus and continues to grow, she becomes pregnant.

In the UK, overall success rates for ICSI for women aged under 35 year are well over 30%. However, this may be somewhat reduced in cases involving men with vasectomies.

Another alternative to vasectomy reversal is sperm banking. Storing your sperm before you have a vasectomy, provides a guarantee should you change you mind at a late date.

Another possible alternative to vasectomy reversal is using donor sperm to conceive a child. Artificial insemination with donor sperm is an increasingly popular technique with good levels of success. However, it does require the male partner to accept that he won't be the biological father of the child.

The best alternative to vasectomy reversal surgery is to not have a vasectomy in the first place. Unless you are 100% positive that you never want to have children again, a vasectomy may not be the right choice.

It's easy to assume that modern technology can reverse vasectomies relatively easily. Whilst its true that vasectomy reversal can be effective, it only proves successful in just over half of cases. In many instances, no amount of surgery can reverse the effects of a vasectomy.

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