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What might my toddler be able to do by the time she is two years old?

It’s one of the joys of parenthood to see our children grow and develop. Every period of their growth is exciting but the year from twelve months to aged two is one of the most thrilling.

During this year, your child’s learning really begins to accelerate and you may notice dramatic changes in her ability and level of understanding. However, remember we are using the word ‘may’ here because children do develop at different rates. Children who mature quicker don’t always carry this through in later years and likewise children who develop slowly will often catch up in years to come.

So what might your toddler be able to do at two years? Well, typically she will have progressed in the following ways:

By age two your child might be able to put two or three words together to form basic sentences. Her words may not be pronounced properly but close enough for you to understand what she means. The size of her vocabulary will usually be between twenty and fifty words.

Your two year old will probably be able to run fairly quickly although frequent stumbles will probably still occur. Her climbing skills will have improved significantly and she may be able to manage the stairs on her own, although supervision is advisable.

Your toddler may now be fairly comfortable holding and carrying most objects although she will still drop things from time to time. Two years olds may also be now able to perform many every day tasks such as washing their hands and cleaning their teeth.

Children at two years may be able to identity a wide range of objects and understand what they're used for. You may also notice a sudden increase in your child’s ability to understand longer, more complex sentences and commands.

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