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In the UK, you cannot pay a surrogate mother for the actual act of carrying a child for you. However, the costs of surrogacy can still be relatively high because you are allowed to pay for the mother's expenses and loss of earnings.

The level of expenses can run into several thousands of pounds, particularly if the surrogate mother ia no longer able to work. And as we have seen with our politicians, an expense system can be manipulated. It's tempting to exaggerate the cost of expenses in order to conceal a payment for the actual act of surrogacy.

However, the authorities are well aware of this, and have declared that all expenses must be justifiable in court. A court will even request full receipts for all expenses should there be suspicion of illegal payments.

Surrogacy costs in the UK may also include additional legal and agency fees if a contract is used, or when a surrogacy clinic is involved. Costs can vary, but again this is likely to be a few thousand pounds.

The cost of surrogacy aboard, where you are permitted to pay for the actual act of surrogacy, can be very high. In the United States, when you add up all the fees and expenses, you are likely to be faced with a bill of $40,000 or more. Some surrogate mothers are able to charge close to $100,000 for carrying a child.

Surrogacy costs are considerably cheaper in many countries in Asia and South America. In India, for example, you can find any number of surrogate mothers for less than $15,000.

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