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There is a great deal of fertility support in the United Kingdom from infertility charities to IVF support networks. All this is in addition to the help and advice provided by your local GP and NHS hospital.

Friends and family can be a tremendous source of support, but often outside help, particularly from people who know what you're going through, can be even more important. Some people will be able to deal with fertility treatment on their own, but most people will benefit from as much help as they can get.

The UK has several IVF support networks with groups throughout the country. These local meetings can help provide you with invaluable advice and information. They also give you a chance to hear about other women's fertility experiences. You GP will be able to give your details of support groups near you. The Infertility Network UK can also help put you in contact with groups in your area. Telephone 0800 008 7464 for more information.

You can also find support and advice from a number of fertility websites, forums and message bards on the internet. Sites such as Fertility Friends allow you to chat to other women going through the same experiences as you.

You may also want to consider IVF counselling during or after undergoing a fertility procedure. Counselling can help both you and your partner cope with what can be am incredibly draining experience. It can lessen the strain that fertility treatment often puts on relationships.

Your fertility clinic may offer counselling as part of it's overall IVF package. The first session or two will often be free but you will need to pay for further appointments. Take a look at more details on IVF counselling in the UK.

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