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What are the typical success rates of IVF treatment in the UK?

It would be fantastic to say that IVF treatment works for most couples. But unfortunately, this just isn't the case, and many people experience failed treatment.

In the UK, the average success rate of IVF treatment is approximately 30% per treatment cycle. This has gradually increased over the last ten years, and there is widespread consensus that success rates will continue to improve over the next decade.

Several factors will affect your chances of successful IVF treatment, the most significant of which being your age. Women under the age of thirty have a one in three chance of success. This drops to just over a one in ten chance for women over the age of forty.

Other factors that have a bearing on success rates include the reason for your infertility, the particular type of treatment you are having, and whether you are using donor eggs or sperm. Your weight can also affect your likelihood of becoming pregnant through fertility treatment. A body mass index (BMI) of between 19 and 30 is most conducive to a successful outcome.

The average success rates of artificial insemination is somewhere in the region of 15-20% per cycle. However, almost two thirds of couples achieve pregnancy after six cycles of the treatment. Take a look at more information on artificial insemination success rates.

Since most forms of infertility treatment can only offer success rates of 30%, it's crucial that you stack as many cards as you can in your favour. The most important decision to make is which clinic to use. Choosing the right clinic for you particular fertility problem can increase your chances of falling pregnant by as much as 10%.

Do as much research as you can into the success rates of IVF clinics in your local UK area. Obviously, the clinic with the highest rates are preferable but be careful when comparing clinic with clinic. Figures an be massaged by using selective data so don't always take success rates at face value. Further details on how to compare success rates between clinics.

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