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What can I do to help my son when the time comes for him to start shaving?

Shaving is one of the fundamental rites of passage in a boy’s growth and development.

It’s a sign of forthcoming manhood and as a parent you should do what you can to help your son through this period. The main steps to take are as follows:

Reassure him of the facts
There will always be boys in your son’s class at school who start shaving before him. Often less developed boys feel like they’re being left behind. It’s therefore important to reassure your child that every all boys begin growing facial hair at different times. You should also give him a quick run through of what shaving actually involves. It may sound simple to you but you'd be amazed at what some boys think.

Avoid electric
Electric razors may be convenient but they can also be very harsh on the skin, particularly on a young boy’s sensitive face. Stick to a manual razor with a soothing shaving cream.

His own razor
Giving your son his own razor will help him feel like he’s becoming a man, and also encourage him to look after it properly. Sharing his dad’s razor is neither practical nor hygienic.

Keep it clean
If your son wants to avoid spots, it’s vital that he keeps his razor clean. It should be thoroughly washed and rinsed after each shave, and just to be on the safe side, he should give it another rinse before he uses it again. Those few seconds of cleaning can prevent a whole army of spots and pimples.

Stay away from aftershave
Teenage boys love to slap on the old aftershave. This is fine just as long as they don’t put it on their face after shaving. The vast majority of colognes are far too stringent for a boy’s sensitive skin and will burn like crazy. If he’s just looking to smell nice, tell him to apply the aftershave to his wrists or the back of his neck.

Don't shave just before going out
It’s understandable for him to want to shave before he goes out but it’s really not advisable. Does he want his friends, or indeed girlfriend, to see him with saving nicks and irritated skin? It’s best to shave several hours before hand. A boy’s hair growth is generally so slow, he'll still be clean shaven when it’s time to go out.

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