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Why does my baby cry and scream when it’s time to feed her?

The most important thing is not to panic. This is a common occurrence with young babies and usually there is a simple explanation for their distress. The following four steps should help you identify the problem:

Check your breasts
During the first couple of weeks after you give birth, your breasts can become so engorged that it can be very difficult to get your milk flowing. Your baby isn't able to get what she wants so she lets you know all about it. However, keep encouraging her to feed and before you know it your milk will be literally flying out.

It’s also possible that your baby's crying because she can taste the body lotion or bubble bath you may have rubbed on your breast area. Even the slightest trace of artificial products can be enough to upset a baby's taste buds.

Check your baby
Often when a baby is feeling unwell, she will not want to feed. And the only way she knows how to tell you this, is by screaming her little head off. You should also check inside your baby’s mouth for signs of thrush or any other oral infection.

Something you’ve eaten
Breast milk doesn’t always taste the same. It’s produced in your body so it can be greatly affected by the food you eat. Spicy or particularly strong flavoured food can sometimes change the flavour of your milk to such an extent that you’re baby will turn her nose up at it. If you can manage to establish the culinary culprit, it’s best to avoid this food until your baby moves onto solids.

Too hungry to feed
As strange as it may sound, when your baby is very hungry she may be too distressed to feed. But don’t worry, just be patient and she will eventually calm down a little and start feeding like there's no tomorrow.

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