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Teenagers have been rebelling since the dawn of time. The transition between child and adult can be a difficult to navigate. Teenage rebellion is simply our children reminding us of that. But why do they have to push so hard? And why are some kids considerably more rebellious than others? There's usually a reason for everything. Hopefully this page will give you some of the answers.

Why do teenagers rebel?

As a child we quickly establish our limitations, our boundaries and our points of authority i.e. Our parents. Our teenage years mark the onset of adulthood and so all these things begin to change. The old rules have gone and we have to learn the new ones ourselves. The only way we do this is by pushing and frequently crossing the boundaries of behavior. This obviously creates problem with the people around us and in particular our parents.

How to deal with teenage rebellion?

The most important thing you should do is avoid confrontation. This will only escalate the situation and possibly lengthen the period of rebellion.

You have to remain firm but at the same time leave them plenty room for maneuver. Of course avoiding confrontation isn't easy and that's where the second most important aspect comes in - patience. If you lose your temper you have effectively lost the battle. You have to try to get your point over without provoking an argument no matter how hard they are trying to cause one. And finally, remember to treat them like a young adult and not a old child. Respect them like a peer even if they aren't acting like one.

How long will it last for?

This depends greatly upon how well you deal with the previous question. If you fight fire with fire you will probably draw out the rebellion phase far more than is would've been. The longer it does go on the more chance it has to cause lasting damage to your relationship. If you remain patient most teenagers will pass through their rebellion in a year, sometimes less. Of course, it also depends on many other factors such as the quality of the child's home and social lives and their experiences at school.

The Final Thought

Before you get stressed about your teenage son/daughter's supposed rebellion ask yourself are they actually doing any harm. Is the style of their clothes really that bad? Will anyone really be offended? Remember, society isn't the same as when you were a child. The rules constantly change and as a parent your levels of acceptability should change with them. However, often teenage rebellion does need to be dealt with because it does effect you and others. But as long as you're patient and don't create World War iII on a nightly basis, this unfortunate phase will be over before you know it.

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