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It's important to think carefully when choosing a fertility clinic. The decision you make could have a significant bearing on your chances of successful treatment.

Arrange consultations with at least three IVF centres to find out what they have to offer. Don't be afraid to ask questions during these appointments. Only by information gathering can you make an informed choice as to what clinic is best for you.

There are dozens of sensible questions to ask at an IVF clinic. However, seven of the most pertinent are as follows:

How many patients have you treated for this procedure over the last year? How many of them have become pregnant, and gone on to have a baby?

Are there alternative treatments to the one I am interested in? Would these be more suitable to my individual case?

What drugs will I have to take as part of my IVF treatment? What are the usual side effects of these drugs?

What lifestyle changes should I make to increase my chances of success? How much difference will these make?

What kind of counselling service do you provide? How many free sessions do your offer, and how much does it cost afterwards?

What does the assessment process involve before you accept me as a patient? Am I likely to have any problems?

If you are having difficulty finding a fertility clinic in your local area, take a look at a selection of recommended IVF clinics in the UK.

What does egg donation with IVF actually involve?

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