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The transition period between nappy and potty can be difficult for both parent and child. Sometimes it can be a contest to see who can become the most frustrated. So what can you do to make this period run as smoothly as possible? Follow these six steps and your little one will be out of nappies before you know it...

1. Don't rush her

- usually your child will be ready to be potty trained by aged two or three. However, she has to do it in her own time. You can tell when she's ready when she begins to wake up dry or understands when she has done something in her nappy.

2. Make her aware of the potty

- even at this young age she will understand what it's for if you explain it to her carefully.

3. Use training pants

- this halfway house gets your child used to life out of nappies without hours of cleaning up her little accidents.

4. Keep encouraging her

- when she uses the potty successfully heap praise on her and even give her a little reward.

5. Don't shout when she has an accident

- at such a young age you can't really blame her for the odd slip. Upsetting her will probably only make matters worse.

6. Remember that sleeping is a different ball game

- don't be surprised or angered if your child doesn't seem to be carrying her new found bowel and bladder control through to night time. This takes much longer for some children so get to grips with.

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