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What might my child be able to do by the time she is one year old?

Children grow up incredibly fast, particularly in their early years. Before you know it your little baby is starting her first day of school.

Watching your child grow and develop is a wonderful feeling for a mother. One of the most thrilling times is when your child turns one year old and you reflect on how she has grown and what she has learnt.

But before you start thinking about what your child might be able to do at twelve months, it’s important to stress the emphasis is on the word might. Children develop at different rates and there is no correlation between what a child can do at one year and what she’ll be able to do in the future. So don't worry if your child hasn't developed as much as you would've thought. She will catch up. Just be patient and take satisfaction from the progress she has made.

At one year old your child may make many different sounds, most of which will be in the form of vowels. Some children may also have uttered their must meaningful word by this age but don’t be disappointed if your little one hasn’t.

Very few children will be able to walk by this age although many will be able to stand on their own fairly comfortably.

By twelve months, most children will be able to hold items in their hand and move towards you when asked. A child may also be able to hold a crayon or pencil in her hand and make some kind of mark with it. Similarity, she may be able to use a spoon to feed herself, although if she manages to get any food in her mouth she will be doing exceptionally well.

A one year old child will usually be able to understand the purpose and meaning of many household objects. She may also understand certain actions, such as waving goodbye. In terms of language, your child might be able to understand some simple requests, questions and statements. Be it is important not to expect too much. Remember, she has only been here for twelve short months.

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