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What can I do to help prevent my baby developing nappy rash?

The condition known a nappy rash is where the skin under or around a baby's nappy becomes irritated causing a painful red rash, to develops.

You can't fully prevent you baby from developing this uncomfortable condition but you can take steps to significantly reduce the likelihood of it happening. The main points to remember are as follows:

Change nappies fast
Perhaps the most effective step you can take to avoid nappy rash is to change nappies as soon as they become soiled. Obviously, this isn't always possible but every minute your baby sits in a dirty diaper increases her chance of developing nappy rash.

Rinse clothe nappies well
If you're using cloth nappies, you must ensure they're rinsed properly because even the slightest trace of detergent can irritate the skin and cause nappy rash.

Soothing creams
Make use of barrier creams every time you change a nappy to help keep nappy rash at bay.

Leave that nappy off
Nappy rash is ultimately caused by nappies so whenever you can let your baby's bottom breath. If you're just sitting around the house, or outside in the garden, don't put on a new nappy as soon as you've removed an old one. Baby's do produce an incredible amount of waste but even they will sometimes take a break.

Watch the wipes
Baby wipes can help clean and moisturize your baby's bottom but they can also cause irritation. If you notice even the slightest reaction to the product you're using, stop using it.

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