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Advances in technology and clinical expertise have allowed fertility clinics to improve their standards of treatment. Success rates of fertility procedures continue to rise, and ICSI is certainly no exception. Indeed, many specialists now find that their pregnancy rates for ICSI are higher than those achieved using traditional IVF techniques.

In the UK, overall success rates for ICSI for women aged under 35 year are now well over 30%. Some NHS hospitals boast figures that are fast approaching a 40% pregnancy rate. It's well worth checking what your local hospital's latest figures. Just one per cent could be the difference between you falling pregnant or not.

NHS success rates for the women over the age of 35 can drop quite considerably. On average, women between 35 and 39 have a 30% chance of successful ICSI treatment. For women over the age of 39, the situation is far bleaker. Women in their forties have just an 18% chance of falling pregnant through intracytoplasmic sperm injection.

Many private fertility clinics boast success rates far greater than those of the NHS. For example, the popular Herts and Essex Fertility Centre now has a 43% success rate in women under the age of 35. Although their figures for older women do drop, the fall is far less than those experienced by NHS patients.

When comparing ICSI success rates, you need to ensure you're comparing like with like. Clinics may calculate their figures in different ways. Some may even massage their results to exaggerate their levels of success. A thorough assessment of the figures is required before you make any final decisions.

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